A carrier solution for alcohol precipitation of DNA and RNA
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Product Description

"Ethachinmate" is a carrier solution for alcohol precipitation of DNA and RNA, which contains a high molecular weight acrylamidic polymer. Ethacinmate improves alcohol precipitation drastically using salt, (e. g., >0.1 mol/l Sodium Acetate).


Recovery of tenuous nucleotide

It is possible to recover nearly all of the DNA (> 100 base pairs) and RNA (> 120 bases).
(If concentration of nucleotide is less than 20 ng/ml, efficiency may lower.)


There is no need to incubate at -20?C or -80?C when using Ethachinmate. Immediate centrifugation may be performed after the addition of alcohol.

No inhibition

It is easy to dissolve the nucleotide pellet into the buffer. Ethachinmate once added to the solution does not inhibit enzyme reactions like PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, etc.


Once the ethanol is added, Ethachinmate itself forms a visible pellet. The risk of losing the pellet by washing is therefore reduced.

DNase, RNase free

It has been tested DNase-free, RNase-free.

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Product Components

Ethachinmate (0.2 ml)
Component Quantity Storage Description
Ethachinmate 0.2 ml x 1 +4°C (-20°C) -
3 mol/l Sodium Acetate (pH 5.2)  1 ml x 1 +4°C (-20°C) -

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DNA or RNA solution (100µl)
↓←3.3 µl, 3 mol/l Sodium Acetate(Product Component) *1
↓←1 µl, Ethachinmate *2
↓vortex *3
↓←200 - 250 µl, Ethanol
↓vortex *3
↓12K x g for 5min at room temperature *4
pellet *5

*1 Final salt concentration must be more than 0.1mol/l.
*2 Add 1 µl of Ethachinmate per 100 µl of DNA solution. If the amount of DNA solution is less than 100 µl, add 1 µl of Ethachinmate. If the amount of DNA solution is more than 300 µl, 3 µl of Ethachinmate is the correct amount to be added.
Once Ethachinmate is added into DNA solution, there is no need to add Etachinmate again if performing more centrifugations. Adding to much Ethachinmate may make the solution viscous, causing the following processes to be difficult.
*3 Vortexing improves the efficiency to recover subtle DNA.
*4 Cooling is not necessary.
*5 Pellet is visible. Pellet may then be dissolved in buffer and used as a template for enzyme reactions. Wash with 70% ethanol, if needed.

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Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

SDS(Safety Data Sheet)

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