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Product Name Code No. Size Price Note
Charomid 9-20
10 µg
Charomid 9-28
10 µg
Charomid 9-36
10 µg
Charomid 9-42
10 µg

Product Description

Charomid vectors are useful for the construction of gene and genomic libraries.


  1. Since Charomid vectors can be packaged in vitro, the cloning efficiency is comparable to that of lambda vectors and is high.
  2. Charomid vectors have the 9 cloning sites. (Aat II, EcoR I, Sac I, Kpn I, Sma I, BamH I, Xba I, Apa I, Hind III)
  3. After isolation of a clone, the vector size can be reduced to 2.9kb by deletion of the spacer sequences.
  4. Restriction maps of the insert can be determined by a simple and rapid procedure.
  5. For Charomid vectors are of 28kb and 36kb, there is no need to prepare vector arms, as is necessary for some lambda vectors, and partial digestion should not increase the number of clones without inserts.
  6. Restriction patterns of recombinant Charomid vectors are very simple.
Source Charomid is isolated from E. coli DH1.
Storage Conditions 10 mmol/l Tris-HCl(pH 8.0), 1 mmol/l EDTA
Concentration 0.2 - 0.8 µg/µl
Purity A260/A280≒1.8 (This value is slightly different for each lot.)
Notes Imperial Cancer Research Fund have sole ownership of Charomid vectors.

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Product Components

Charomid DNA (10 µg)
Component Quantity Storage Description
Charomid DNA 10 µg -20°C -

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Construction of Charomid vectors

Ampr; ampicillin tolerance gene, cos; cos region, ori; replication origin

Charomid vector Length
Number of spacer
(2,047 bp)
Capacity for insert
Charomid 9-20
19.7 7 18 - 32
Charomid 9-28
27.9 11 10 - 24
Charomid 9-36
36.0 15 2 - 16
Charomid 9-42 42.2 18 0 - 10

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Data Sheets

SDS(Safety Data Sheet)

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