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Agarose for Gel Electrophoresis
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Product Name Code No. Size Price Note (Packaging)
Agarose 21
3 g
  Stick type (Plastic Bag)
Agarose 21
3 g x 25
  Stick type (Plastic Bag)
Agarose 21
25 g
  Plastic Bottle
Agarose 21
100 g
  Plastic Bottle
Agarose 21
500 g
  Plastic Bottle
Agarose 21
1 kg
  Plastic Bottle

Product Description

Agarose 21 is developed for separating nucleic acid of 1,000bp or less and is suitable for electrophoresing short chain DNA such as PCR products and restriction endonuclease fragments, and RNA.
This product is provided as the stick type and the bottle type, and in the case of the stick type, there is no need of weighing agarose powder, and 100ml of 3% agarose gel can be prepared from one stick (3g).
Further, the handling of the gel during the manipulation is easy because this product has a superior solubility and high gel strength.


・low EEO・DNase free, RNase free・Recommended Gel Concentration: 3 % (2 - 5 %)・Nucleic Acid Fragment Separation Range: 10 bp - 1000 bp


*1 Recovered DNA from preparative Agarose gels is checked that it can be used for downstream applications (cleavage by restriction endonucleases, ligation by T4 DNA ligase, E. coli transformation by ligated DNA.)

Gel strength
≥ 800 g/cm2 (3%)
Melting point
≤ 85°C (3%)
Gelling temperature
34 - 38°C (3%)
Sulfate content (SO4)
≤ 0.1%
Water content
≤ 10%
Electroendosmosis (-Mr)
≤ 0.1 (Low EEO)

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Recommended Gel Concentration

Recommended Gel Thickness

Usage Note

At a gel concentration higher than 5%, the solution becomes highly viscous and may be difficult to handle. When melting, cover the container with a plastic wrap to prevent buffer evaporation and open a pinhole.

Separation of DNA markers in Agarose 21

Data 1: Comparison with Agarose X

run at 60V for 4hr. in TAE Buffer
3% Agarose 21, 3% Agarose X
12.5 cm x 10 cm x 3 mm

Lanes (0.5 µg/lane)
・M4 : Marker 4 (φX174/Hae III digest)
・M5 : Marker 5 (φX174/Hinc II digest)
・M9 : Marker 9 (φX174/Hinf I digest)
・M10 : Marker 10 (pBR322/Msp I digest)

Data 2: Test for the minimum detectable amount of DNA

run at 60V for 4hr. in TAE Buffer
3% Agarose 21 (12.5 cm x 15 cm x 3 mm)
0.05g - 2.0g Marker 4 (φX174/ Hae III digest)

Data 3: Electrophoresis in Mini-gel (Mupid® )

run at 50V for 80min. in TAE Buffer
3% Agarose 21

Lane 1: 0.1 µg DNA Marker / lane
Lane 2: 0.5 µg DNA Marker / lane
M4 : Marker 4 (φX174/Hae III digest)
M5 : Marker 5 (φX174/Hinc II digest)
M9 : Marker 9 (φX174/Hinf I digest)
M10 : Marker 10 (pBR322/Msp I digest)

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Data Sheets

SDS(Safety Data Sheet)

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